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Professor of Data-Driven Fluid Dynamics
University of Stuttgart

I am a Full Professor (W3) in the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering and Geodesy at the University of Stuttgart in the Institute of Aerospace Thermodynamics (ITLR). I am also affiliated with the Cluster of Excellence EXC 2075 "Data-Integrated Simulation Science" in the Stuttgart Center for Simulation Science (SC SimTech). My research focuses on data-integrated simulation and physics-informed machine learning of fluid flows of various spatial and temporal scales.

NEW  Slides and videos of the presentations on "unified DA/ML" are uploaded in the Updates.

Research Summary

Turbulence plays important roles in mission-critical systems such as aircraft and jet engines, but the prediction of turbulence continues to defy and bedevil scientists and engineers. Recent advances in flow diagnosis and high-fidelity simulations generated enormous amounts of data, opening up new opportunities. Our research leverages data science (uncertainty quantification, data assimilation, machine learning) to advance understanding and improve predictions of turbulent flows and other multi-scale physical systems. 



Ph.D., Civil Engineering

Princeton University, USA


M.Sc., Scientific Computing,

Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden


B.Sc., Civil Engineering,

Zhejiang University, China


12/2022 to Present


(Chair in Data-Driven Fluid Dynamics)

University of Stuttgart, Germany

2020 to 2022

Associate Professor

Virginia Tech, USA

2013 to 2020

Assistant Professor
Virginia Tech, USA

2009 to 2012

Postdoctoral Researcher/Lecturer

ETH Zürich, Switzerland

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